FourSeasons MetalWorks’ goal is to inform and educate you at every opportunity during the kitchen and bathroom designing process. As partners in this, design options and their potential benefits are reviewed to help you, our customer, make enlightened and educated decisions for what works best for your specific space.

Design to Order Phase

  1. Request to FourSeasons by designer (we accept sketches, drawings, pictures, etc.)
  2. FourSeasons sends a detailed quote to designer (typically 2-24 hours)
  3. Signed quote and deposit sent to FourSeasons from design firm
  4. Drawing and samples sent to designer for approval/confirmation
  5. Drawing and samples approved by designer and entered into FourSeasons production

Fabrication Phase

  1. Material selection and sizing
  2. Forming, braking, and fit up
  3. Welding and joining
  4. Grinding, buffing, and final polish
  5. Assembly and decorative elements
  6. Final finish and protective coating
  7. Quality inspection

Shipping & Delivery Phase

  1. Each piece is covered in micro foam/ protective blanketing
  2. Then is secured in a padded and fully covered crate
  3. Crate is clearly marked as very fragile and high risk claim potential
  4. Reputable freight carrier or dedicated courier is chosen
  5. Shipment is insured
  6. Delivery address and details are confirmed with client for accurate/no surprise delivery
  7. Metalwork is received safe and secure by client